Ice Cream Cake

Learn how to make ice cream cake for dessert or birthday! Check out this simple and easy recipe.

Vegetable Soup (Vegan)

Learn how to make a Vegetable Soup for your lunch and dinner. Check out this simple and easy recipe!

Garlic Eggplant (Italian Recipe)

Solanum melongena is a plant with edible fruit, usually annual, of the Solanum genus within the Solanaceae family. For your Garlic Eggplant to be perfect,...

Broccoli Salad

I'm going to be showing you how to make broccoli salad. A simple, easy and quick recipe to make!

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a typical dessert of the gastronomy of many countries made by slowly cooking rice with milk and sugar. It is served...

Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is a traditional sauce of French cuisine, containing mayonnaise and mustard, along with capers, olives, onions and radish; parsley is sometimes added. Learn...

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