The gnocchi or gnocchi, also known in the Italian term gnocco, plural gnocchi , is a pasta prepared with a mixture of potato, or...

Breakfast with One Pan Egg Toast

Let's prepare a very easy and simple breakfast with this recipe for One Pan Egg Toast? Check out the recipe!

Seafood Paella

Paella is a rice-based dish, typical of Valencian cuisine — hence, in Portugal it is commonly known as Valencian rice and in Brazil as...

Quick and Easy Salmon Pasta

Pasta, such as spaghetti and pasta, are culinary ingredients made with flour dough, usually wheat, which is given various forms that are then cooked...

Korean Spicy Tofu Fritters

Tofu is a food produced from soybeans. It has a firm texture similar to cheese and serves as another meat alternative, delicate flavor, creamy...

Korean Fresh Kimchi

Kimchi are typical Korean culinary condiments, based on vegetables. Kimchi, in particular, is often considered as the “food staple” of Koreans, and can be...

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